As the first company in Slovakia we completed the approval process for imported satellite equipment in 1994 and obtained all necessary operating licenses. Over the past years, we have been building customer closed data networks across Slovakia using various types of wireless communications.

Our services are comprehensive in this area from commissioning to implementation. We provide standard warranties and service for all delivered technologies and communication units.

The services are divided according to the type of communication technology through which the individual data transmission services are implemented. The basic division is:

  • Satellite communication (SATELLITE services)
  • Radio communication (RADIO services)
  • Communication using GPRS modems (GPRS services)


Wireless communication systems provide additional services to optical and cable networks. The main advantage is the mobility of the participants and their rapid construction.

Satellite services

All satellite services are implemented via an artificial satellite (satellite). Today, data communication via artificial satellite belongs to non-traditional services, but their capabilities compete adequately with other types of communication. In some areas of application, they create a single implementation option. Typical features of these services are:

  • high reliability
  • low error rate
  • availability
  • independence from the local land network
  • high configuration adaptability
  • easy system scalability
  • easy and fast installation


The application is wide especially for companies with a larger number of external workplaces such as banks, department stores, multinational companies, customs administrations, meteorological stations, gas stations, monitoring and collection of information from various sources, and others.

Individual external workplaces or collection points can be scattered around the globe. The main advantage of applying these technologies is the independence of any terrestrial connection except energy. They enable the implementation of different types of networks.

User stations and entire networks can transmit any communication protocols, so it can be stated that its properties will satisfy every client. The disadvantage of this type of communication is the longer response time typically around 600 ms. A popular application in this area is connecting to the Internet even in places where another type of connection fails.

Radio services

Wireless terrestrial radio data transmission is one of the popular technologies for creating various user data connections and networks. Based on technical means intended for this type of transmission, it is possible to make various types of data connection from point-to-point connections to complex networks. These services are divided according to the frequency band used in which the equipment operates into:

  • services through facilities operating in the "free zone" on the basis of a general permit
  • services through facilities operating in the "licensed band" under the assigned license


Under this title we offer a service that enables two-way data communication through a mobile phone operator. The service is suitable where:

  • permanent connectivity is required
  • data is sent intermittently (typically in batches)
  • it is required to transfer a smaller amount of data (in the order of hundreds of kB) regardless of the response time


To ensure this service, our company has developed a special intelligent communication device called KZ-8001, one part is a GPRS modem and it is designed to collect and send data from deployed customer operations to the data evaluation center and receive and execute commands from the center.

The data communication network built by KZ-8001 device has the character of a Point / Multipoint network. Transmission is provided via GPRS connection.

Integration into the data system presupposes the presence of evaluation software which enables to process the data from the created SQL database. The device with its software is so-called "Open", i.e. after modification, it is able to process other communication requirements of the various clients.