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Metropolitan network but also long-distance routes. No telecommunication device fulfills its purpose without connectivity or without connection to the telecommunication network or infrastructure. Thanks to the SITELNET metropolitan network we provide a comprehensive, neutral and therefore advantageous solution for all operators. At the turn of 2012 – 2013, we expanded the SITELNET network to Košice and Prešov where we currently operate tens of kilometers of optical cables on the same principles.

Our network as one of the few forms a circuit between the right and left banks of the Danube and its topology is designed to enable the connection of primarily locations with a large concentration of corporate clients. This network also includes long-distance optical cables ensuring the connection of the SITELNET network to the optical infrastructures of neighboring countries (Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary).

SITELNET represents a neutral optical infrastructure which is available through the lease of unlit optical fibers to all interested parties - telecommunications operators, ISPs, state authorities or private companies from various segments of the economy.

We perform the preparation and implementation of construction, management and maintenance of optical telecommunications routes with our own resources, for customers there is 24/7/365 support and service. Moreover, we offer the possibility of completing the telecommunication route to the destination building or completing the telecommunication route in cooperation with other providers of telecommunication routes.

SITELPOP is the central node of the network, the largest Slovak collocation and data center. Therefore, any partner has practically unlimited possibilities of domestic and foreign connectivity.


The SITELNET metropolitan optical network, the first routes of which were put into operation at the turn of the millennium, is currently one of the largest alternative optical systems in Bratislava, Košice and Prešov.

1 100 km

own optical network in SR

300 km
own metropolitan optical network in Bratislava, Košiciach, Prešov
support and service for partners